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discover your dharma top tips

Top 5 tips to discover your dharma

Top 5 Tips to Discover your Dharma  If you have been feeling lost or confused, maybe feeling disappointed in your job or feeling down as a result of lockdown or a big covid-related life push, then this article and journal prompts are for you. What is dharma? Your dharma is your purpose. It’s the reason …

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Healthy living: Vegan Summer Rolls Recipe

Healthy living: Vegan Summer Rolls Recipe Practice mindful eating with this easy vegan summer roll recipe. Summer cooking from Vietnam. Wow a hot summer it’s been in Hanoi! Where did our rainy season go?! While it’s so hot AND we’ve been locked at home with no swimming pools all summer, it can be a bit …

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Vishuddha, the throat chakra, speak your truth.

Speak your truth with kindness and compassion!

Speak your truth with kindness and compassion!   This week, we are focusing on the throat chakra, the energy center dedicated to speaking your truth, communicating with love and freedom, and listening and understanding what is being communicated to you. Take a deep breath and reflect for a moment, do you speak your truth with …

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Ganesha, god of success

Happy Birthday, Shri Ganesha! Celebrate with yoga, mudras and sweet snacks

Happy birthday Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, one of the most famous Hindu deities! He can be seen all over the world and is known for good luck, success and compassion. Shri Ganesha has the wisdom and loyalty of an elephant and is the Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Letters and Learning. Why does he have an …

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Affirmations for improved self-esteem

Affirmations to cultivate self-esteem and happiness

Using affirmations to cultivate a positive mindset, self-esteem and happiness Do you practice affirmations? Why/why not? Do you feel like they ‘don’t work’? I think they do! I think they can be really helpful meditation tools to support focus. I also often offer an affirmation at the start of the practice that I think will …

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20-minute yoga: neck and shoulders

20-minute yoga for neck and shoulder pain

Has working from home led to neck and shoulder pain? Yoga can help you! Sigh, I’m working from home again. It’s almost Lunar New Year, the year of the Buffalo, is just around the corner and WHAM! Here is the sodding Coronavirus back in Vietnam. Fingers crossed for no travel bans during the biggest festival …

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Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath

Reduce stress in just THREE breaths with Bhramari humming bee breath

Introduction to Pranayama part II: Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath, a technique for everyone. Step-by-step guide including benefits, how and when to practice. Do you feel STRESSED? Practice Bhramari humming bee breath for just THREE breaths and feel your mind clear and re-focus, reduce symptoms of …

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