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discover your dharma top tips

Top 5 tips to discover your dharma

Top 5 Tips to Discover your Dharma  If you have been feeling lost or confused, maybe feeling disappointed in your job or feeling down as a result of lockdown or a big covid-related life push, then this article and journal prompts are for you. What is dharma? Your dharma is your purpose. It’s the reason …

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Affirmations for improved self-esteem

Affirmations to cultivate self-esteem and happiness

Using affirmations to cultivate a positive mindset, self-esteem and happiness Do you practice affirmations? Why/why not? Do you feel like they ‘don’t work’? I think they do! I think they can be really helpful meditation tools to support focus. I also often offer an affirmation at the start of the practice that I think will …

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