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20-minute yoga: neck and shoulders

20-minute yoga for neck and shoulder pain

Has working from home led to neck and shoulder pain? Yoga can help you! Sigh, I’m working from home again. It’s almost Lunar New Year, the year of the Buffalo, is just around the corner and WHAM! Here is the sodding Coronavirus back in Vietnam. Fingers crossed for no travel bans during the biggest festival …

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Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath

Reduce stress in just THREE breaths with Bhramari humming bee breath

Introduction to Pranayama part II: Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath Reduce stress with Bhramari humming bee breath, a technique for everyone. Step-by-step guide including benefits, how and when to practice. Do you feel STRESSED? Practice Bhramari humming bee breath for just THREE breaths and feel your mind clear and re-focus, reduce symptoms of …

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New Year Yoga

Top 5 yoga poses for the new year

Release last year’s experiences to make way for future ones! Last week, we started our intentions practice. Identifying the things that matter most to us and aligning our mind sets so that we are totally focused in achieving them. What was yours for January? This week, it’s time for new year yoga! Release last year’s experiences …

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