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A new year and a new, achievable intention!

Welcome the new year into your life with monthly, achievable intentions!

We all like to set new intentions at new year, but how often do we actually achieve them? Let’s commit to achieving just one thing, one intention, one month at a time.

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new year new intentions
Check out my custom-made ‘new year, new intentions’ workbook. Use a new page for each achievable intention you set.



Intentions should be positive, present and concise. Something you will remember and can write easily onto some post-its or cute notes and place them strategically around your life: in your car, on your fridge, on your desk, next to your bed. Make it the first thing you read when you wake up and the last thing your read before you go to sleep. Tap into that subconscious mind and make it part of your waking mind!

At the end of the month, assess your progress. Maybe you continue with that intention or maybe you start a new one! I like to keep a mini journal that only contains past intentions, affirmations and mantras, and it’s really rewarding to look back over, whether it’s to give yourself a reminder OR to see how far you’ve come!

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Set achievable intentions aligned to your goals and unlock your true and authentic self

Remember, intentions should show something about who you are, where you’re going and WHY. Make them achievable, make them part of your life.

I live in abundance and believe in my journey!

  • I practice gratitude for one minute every day
  • I start my day with writing pages instead of scrolling the internet
  • I take deep breaths of appreciation throughout my day to balance my mind

I allow myself to rest when I need it, so I can fulfill my tasks to their full potential.

  • I shut off all electronics long before I intend to sleep
  • I clear my sleeping area of clutter, a clear space equals a clear mind
  • I listen to my body and rest adequately, never skipping Savasana

I make the effort to communicate with those who I love.

  • I call my parents or grandparents once a week
  • I tell someone every day that I love them
  • I share intimate details of my life with close friends, family and loved ones
new year new intentions
Practice gratitude every day and share your practice with me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

You can also add this to your daily gratitude practice. If you don’t have one yet, get signed up ASAP to receive my free 30 days of gratitude workbook!

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I’d love to hear what you think about this practice. Is it new to you or do you practice this regularly? Comment below or get in touch via the contact form! And keep an eye out for future posts, ‘5 yoga poses to welcome the new year’ is coming soon!

Have a beautiful start to the year. Remember, whatever is going on, good or bad,

This too will pass.

Until next time

May you be happy

May you be peaceful

May you be filled with love

Lolli the Yogicorn

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